Large Jurisdiction (population ~14 million)

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eHealth Ontario

eHealth Ontario is an agency of the Ontario government and was established in 2008. The agency is playing the lead role in harnessing information technology and innovation to improve the delivery of care, safety, and access in support of the Ontario government’s health strategy. eHealth Ontario’s infrastructure services provide a secure, reliable and scalable high availability framework (zero downtime design) upon which eHealth Ontario can successfully deploy services to the Ontario health sector.

  • 300,000 health care professionals
  • Annual budget ~$400 million
  • 2 Tier 4 data centers


eHealth Ontario’s consent management program is responsible for establishing the strategy, technology, business process and guidelines for use of the core technology assets required to manage consent directives. The provincial government develops the required consent policies. The technical components provided by eHealth Ontario to enable the consent management program are referred to as consent management technology assets (CMTA).

The challenge is to implement an electronic consent solution that provides the flexibility to ensure that the implementation will:

  • Conform to the Opt-out with Exceptions consent model (“implied consent” per PHIPA)
  • Support the integration of granular consents
  • Enable rules management and validation
  • Facilitate consent storage in a single repository
  • Alert users when they are about to create consent directives that conflict with existing ones
  • Support user access control


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