Product Overview

Product Overview

We provide consent management and auditing software to enable health information privacy at all levels of data exchange: between healthcare providers, organizations, regions and nationwide.

With our software:

  • Healthcare organizations are able to implement health information privacy policies required by the organization, as well as those mandated locally, regionally and nationally
  • Individuals may specify:
    • which providers are granted access to their personal health information (PHI)
    • what PHI may be accessed
    • when PHI may be accessed
    • under what circumstances.
  • Providers have break-the-glass access to the PHI necessary for critical care, legislation permitting.

Privacy eSuite

HIPAAT’s web-based ‘consent engine’ that enables hospitals, health systems and health information exchanges to implement consumer, organizational and jurisdictional privacy policies.

Universal Audit Repository

HIPAAT’s central repository of IHE-ATNA audit events that allows hospitals, health systems and health information exchanges to log all access – and attempted access – to PHI.