Universal Audit Repository (UAR)

The Universal Audit Repository is our standards-based central audit repository designed for use by hospitals, health systems and HIEs.

The UAR:

  • Logs all access – and attempted access – to personal health information (PHI) and consent directives
  • Provides automatic alerts of override (break-the-glass) access to PHI by email to a privacy officer
  • Provides extensive, customizable search and report capabilities on any audit event data, and includes a separate security (breach) report
  • Notifies clinicians via email if corrections have been made to diagnostic imaging exams they had previously viewed
  • Is an excellent source of data for patients’ Accounting of Disclosures

The Universal Audit Repository is aligned with the IHE-ATNA Profile, including the ability to simultaneously capture RFC 3881 and DICOM Supplement 95 messages.

  • Java-based three tier application
  • LDAP support
  • Java Message Service (JMS) API
  • Transports: syslog over HTTP, UDP and TLS v1.1 (backwards compatible to 1.0)
  • High availability
  • Monitoring
  • Metrics
  • Raw XML export functionality